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Frequently Asked Question

How do I create a personal account on your site?

You can create your own personal account using the Sign Up form. Click it and then follow the instructions.

What epc system do we accept?

Currently, we accept the following electronic payment systems:

Can I change the password, epc wallet and email?

Log into your {$settings.site_name} account and click on the "Edit Account". You can change your data there.

Can I create multiple personal accounts?

Yes, you can create more than one active account using the same IP address, computer or device.

What is the minimum amount that can be invested?

For any epc system, the minimum investment amount is $1.

What is the maximal amount that can be invested?

For any epc system, the maximum investment amount is $50000.

How long does it take for my deposit to be added to my account?

Your account will be updated as fast, as you deposit.

How long do I have to wait for the withdrawal?

Withdrawals are processed instantly, but if the withdraw meet payment processors issue, server or technical problem or some other issue, it can take up to 48 hours

What if I lost or forgot my password?

For password recovery follow the password recovery link. After you specify the data typed at registration, the recovery link will got to your email.

Can I lose investment?

There is a risk involved with investing in all high yield investment programs.

Can I do a direct deposit from my account balance?

Yes you can. To make a deposit from your account balance simply login into your members account and click on Make Deposit ans select the Deposit from Account Balance Radio button.

If I make the deposit from my account balance, will be accrued a referral reward to my upline for such deposit?

Yes. Referral reward will be accrued to your upline.

If I don't have an active deposit, will I be able to earn a referral reward?

Whether you have your own investment or not, you will be able to receive a referral reward for deposits created by referrals in your affiliate downline.

Can I change my upline?

You cannot change your upline after you have registered.

Is this website secure?

Yes we have a wide range of security measures to protect your account. Our website is protected against DDoS attacks, all transferred data are encrypted with SSL Certificate. We use a licensed script for transactions together with online security certificates. Our website is located on a one of the best dedicated server.

What about the referral commissions?

We offer 5% referral commissions program to our customers. It is a good way to make extra money. By inviting more people to our investment programs, you will instantly receive 5% ref commission from every deposit your referrals made.