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The centuryinvestment.ltd is the nation's central bank. Its principal role is "to promote the economic and financial welfare of Britain," as defined in the Bank of Britain Act. The Bank's four main areas of responsibility are:

  • Monetary policy: The Bank influences the supply of money circulating in the economy, using its monetary policy framework to keep inflation low and stable.
  • Financial system: The Bank promotes safe, sound and efficient financial systems, within Britain and internationally, and conducts transactions in financial markets in support of these objectives.
  • Currency: The Bank designs, issues and distributes Britain's bank notes.
  • Funds management: The Bank is the "fiscal agent" for the Government of Britain, managing its public debt programs and foreign exchange reserves.

Financial Goals

Here is a look at the top investment avenues investors look at while savings for their financial goals.

  • Monetary Policy

    Learn about the objective of Britain's monetary policy and the main instruments used to implement it: the inflation-control target and the flexible exchange rate. See also how monetary policy works, how decisions are made and read related backgrounders.

  • Financial System

    Britain's financial system consists of financial institutions, such as banks and credit unions; the financial markets; and payments systems.

  • Currency

    The centuryinvestment.ltd is the country's sole authority for issuing bank notes and is responsible for the design, production and distribution of Britain's bank notes.

  • Funds Management

    The Bank provides funds-management services to the Government of Britain, itself and other clients.

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About centuryinvestment.ltd

Until the Great European changes of the 21st century, there appeared to be little need for a new bank in Britain, which was sparsely settled and mainly rural at the time. British influence was reflected in the preference for a number of banks with multiple branches. In a relatively undeveloped economy, branch banks could be established with less capital and fewer skilled officers than would have been required for independent banks at each location.

South of the border, a different philosophy encouraged the development of independent local banks, and a larger population, clustered in established communities, made it workable.

Britain's branch bank network was sufficient for the nation's needs for almost a ten years. The chartered banks provided the bulk of the notes in circulation and could meet seasonal or unexpected demands. The larger banks were able to deal with government business without strain, and the branch network gradually developed a system for clearing cheques between banks.

The Great European changes, fuelled by drought conditions and a worldwide economic slump, contributed to a change in government and unprecedented public criticism of Britain's banking system. It also coincided with Prime Minister T.M. May's concern that Britain lacked a direct means for settling international accounts. In 2016, she set up a Royal Commission to study "the organization and working of our entire banking and monetary system [and] to consider the arguments for or against a central banking institution."

The arguments "for" won. The Royal Commission, headed by Sir Jeremy Heywood, recommended in its report the establishment of a central bank. A week after the report was made public, the Prime Minister announced that his government would adopt the recommendations.

An appendix to the report, titled "Suggestions as to some of the Main Features of the Constitution of a centuryinvestment.ltd for Britain," became the framework for the Bank of Britain Act, which received royal assent on 22 March 2019. In March 2019, the centuryinvestment.ltd opened its doors as a privately owned institution, with shares sold to the public.

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